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My name is Emma and I am a fully qualified and insured Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Practitioner.  Reiki is a safe, non-evasive form of holistic healing that works on every level, not just the physical. Animal Reiki healing can boost the immune system, accelerate the healing of physical and emotional problems,  it can increase energy, reduce stress and create balance.  

Reiki complements traditional veterinary treatments and can help to strengthen the bond between animals and humans.

Treatments can be of particular benefit to animals who have experienced emotional upheaval, Past abuse and neglect. Stress and anxiety. Fear (eg bonfire night, vet visits). Transitions. End of life care. Pain and discomfort and Separation anxiety. 

Reiki Chakra Healing


An Animal Reiki treatment is usually carried out in the animal's home environment alongside their owner, in order to help them relax and eliminate any potential stress. The Reiki Practitioner will move their hands lightly over the animal, working on unblocking stagnant energy and sending healing to the body's Chakras. 

Reiki is an intelligent healing energy which can restore balance on many levels including, physically, mentally and emotionally. Energy flow can become blocked, disturbed or unbalanced. An animal is unable to tell us if it is suffering from blocked energy and may present the problem with what appears to be bad behaviour, stress, loss of appetite or by displaying physical ailments. The Chakras are shown in the diagram below and each Chakra is responsible for certain physical systems and emotional and mental states. Reiki gently works on unblocking any stagnant energy, removing blocks and allowing balance to be restored in the animal. Reiki treatments last for approximately 1 hour per treatment. 

Distance Reiki

Distance is no object for Reiki, just as it is no object for the internet or phone communications. The energy that surrounds us carries all of these energies to the intended receiver. With Reiki, the practitioner is the conduit of the energy. 

A distance Reiki treatment will last around 30 minutes, at a pre arranged time. All that the Reiki practitioner needs is a photograph of the animal. Just sit back and allow your animal the space to move as they wish, to relax and enjoy the Reiki energy. 

A Reiki treatment costs £35

A distance Reiki treatment costs £30 and both treatments  include a consultation and

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