How Does Animal Reiki Work?

Animal Reiki


An Animal Reiki treatment is usually carried out in the animal's home environment alongside their owner,  in order to help them relax and eliminate any potential stress of strange  surroundings. 

The treatment will last between 30-40 minutes and the animal is free to end the treatment at any time they wish. 

During the Reiki treatment I will place my hands on the various points of the animals body which relate to their chakras. A chakra is like a wheel of energy spinning inside the body. This spinning energy has various centres in the body of the animal, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. 

Each Chakra relates to different physical and emotional attributes. When energy becomes blocked in a chakra, it triggers physical, mental, or emotional imbalances that manifest in symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, or poor digestion.

By placing my hands on each Chakra and allowing the Reiki energy to flow, blockages can be removed alongside any negative attributes.    


Distance Reiki


 Wild, aggressive, abused and traumatised animals can also be treated comfortably and safely with distant Reiki. This can be ideal for a very nervous animal. A Reiki treatment will last around 40 minutes. 

Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time.  Everything in this world is made up of energy and can recieve, absorb and change its energetic flow. 

Distance Reiki works by directing the energy towards the intended animal. Focusing the energy this way and engaging the Reiki symbols allows the healing to flow. 

 Reiki for Humans is also available, visit or email for more information. 

Benifits of Reiki


Reiki can help to relax and calm an animal and help with different issues such as:

·Loss of appetite

·Physical injuries  

·Reducing stress and anxiety 


·Improving your relationship with your pet 

·Helping the natural healing process 



·Can help to improve your animal’s behaviour improving the riding experience 


·If an animal has experienced abuse or neglect, Reiki can help it to release emotional  wounds

·For animals that are ill, Reiki is a safe complement to all other forms of healing.

·For a dying animal, Reiki is a powerful but gentle way to provide comfort and relief from pain and anxiety.

A Reiki treatment can also be given at a veterinary clinic during euthanasia to ease the transition for everyone, with the permission of the veterinary practice.   

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